Loose Ends * 2019 Beach Edition

Summertime greetings, friends!

Here we go, heading into the 5th year of these monthly posts.  Sometimes if I'm at a loss for words and looking for a bit of inspiration, I'll glance over at my calendar or reach for my journal, maybe check my phone or look over my to-do list at the crossed out jottings.

I try not to be redundant and go on and on about something that's already been posted.  I know your time is valuable.  I know you're looking for something fresh and inspiring.

I try.  

Meanwhile, life here on the Cape has been impacted by oppressive humidity, countless shark sightings, and a tornado.  On top of the typical bumper to bumper traffic, jam packed beaches, and endless waiting lines everywhere you turn, well, it's been quite a summer.

Putting it mildly.

We lay low, keeping away from the main roads and the shops and eateries as much as possible {although there are some nights I absolutely MUST have some chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream here!}  We avoid the beach during the day and head over to the bay late afternoon or early evening to walk.

Not to swim.

The sharks, ya' know ...



'Ignorance of our future is a form of God's grace. Few of us would be able to fully embrace today if we knew what tomorrow held.' - John Stumbo

We've often heard that ignorance is bliss.  The word also rustles up thoughts of bewilderment, foolishness, being clueless.  So to view it as a lovely grace from God is a whole new ball game for me.

What would our lives look like if we fully embraced today, seeing each moment as a gift, a treasure to be mined instead of expending our limited energy gazing longingly in the rear view mirror at what was ... or endless wishing or dreading over what might be around the next bend.

God has been faithful.  His Word tells us that He numbers our days and will continue to love His people well.  Our response to biblical truth hinges on trust, a choice we're invited to make as we recall all the ways He's been very much present in the past.

Especially in the dark nights of the soul.

He never left for one minute.

'Thou art my God.  My times are in Thy hands ...'
- Psalm 31:14, 15.

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I've left a whole lot of fabulous 'somethings read' this month because I'm headed off for a little break from writing.  It's time for our annual family trip to Camp of the Woods up in New York's Adirondack Mountains.  71 years ago, a shy 18 year old girl bravely ventured north by train from NYC to the wild Adirondack wilderness all by herself to visit the Christian camp her big brother raved about. 

And in doing so, my mom launched a very special family legacy that continues to this day.  This is THE week the twelve of us look forward to all year.  On Lake Pleasant's shore, three generations re-connect with first, second, and third cousins.  I'm guessing there'll be 30 of us or so doing life together for a week.  

What a precious, chaotically joyful gift.

Anyway, feel free to bookmark this post and come on back while I'm gone if you're looking for something else to read.

Don't miss the comment section.  That's all gold.

That's where you are.

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