Loose Ends * 4 Somethings * June 2019

Well, hello again!

June has zipped by in a flurry of activity, hasn't it?  And all of a sudden it's time for my end of the month round-up, all those bits and pieces gleaned from hither and yon, the stuff I think is meaningful enough {for some reason} to share.

I know your time is valuable, especially this time of year.  So please feel free to tuck this post safely away for when you've got a few extra minutes to put your feet up and enjoy.

I'd love that.

#1  Somethings Loved

#2  Something Said
'Entrust your loved ones to Me.  Release them into My protective care.  They are much safer with Me than in your clinging hands ... Subordinate your deficient, controlling love to My perfect, empowering Love ... Restrain your urges to solve their problems.  Instead, use your time and energy to listen to them and pray for them.  Trust in My Love and My unsearchable wisdom.  I can work changes in your loved ones' lives beyond anything you might ask or imagine.'
- Sarah Young, Dear Jesus: Seeking His Light in Your Life

#3  Something Re-Learned
Dear blogger, write when the Spirit stirs.  Not because it's a self-assigned day of the week or because there's a weekly link-up or because some expert somewhere told you to hit the publish button every three days.

Pick up that pen when you're compelled to.  Write when you can't not write.  Tap away on that keyboard when there's a fire in your bones.  Speak when you're bursting forth with words that you believe will deeply impact your reader.

Let's face it, some of us might be a bit hesitant about taking time off even when our creative energies are waning or we're feeling a bit crispy around the edges. 

Will our stats drop while we're gone?  Yes, they will. 

Will our readers return?   Most likely, especially if the relationship and encouragement you offer resonates deeply.

Is there life away from our laptops?   Most certainly.  And our writing will most likely reflect that reality when we return refreshed, revitalized, renewed.

Who am I when I'm unplugged?  If we're asking ourselves that question, it's most likely past time to discover what that looks like.  
Click here for more blogging tidbits I've embraced.

#4  Something Read
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I'd love for my readers to read YOUR end of the month round-up post!  Please be sure to share your link in the comments ...

Happy Summer ~

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