The Therapeutic Delight of Dragging Furniture Around the House

It's been one of those springtime weeks that seem to go on forever ... cloudy, rainy, drear. 

And so I indulged in one of those homekeeping tasks I absolutely love.

I let my imagination run just a little wild, rolled up my sleeves, and corralled my patient husband into dragging furniture from room to room.

And in the process, I re-imagined each piece's place and role in our home.  And ended up with fresh appreciation for our possessions yet again.

This is my therapy.

Here's how it went ...

The table my husband built a decade ago was far too big for our little dining area in our current house.  I'd been envisioning it holding court front and center on on the back porch for a year.  So after much thought {a year}, he bravely cut an inch and a half off the legs so it wouldn't be too high for the chairs that are out there.  We tenderly maneuvered it past the sliding glass doors to its new home where there's plenty of room to breathe, to shine, to be put to good use.  

The rectangular glass table on the porch was moved to the front patio by the kitchen door.

The round glass table on the front patio traveled up to The Nest, my office over the garage.

The round wooden table cheerfully relocated from The Nest down into the dining room, beautifully replacing the massive table that had been dying to head on out to the porch for a year.

The little oak file cabinet that had been lost in the corner of the dining room finally found itself in the living room tucked next to the sofa, happy as a clam.

The dining room felt kinda lonely, so we moved the old bookcase with the glass doors from the loft upstairs down into the corner and filled it with my favorite collection ... two sets of vintage yellow ware bowls.

After my husband quietly disappeared from sight, I hauled the very old oak bookcase from the bathroom where it had been holding towels and my Grandma's white enamelware canisters into the loft and filled it with all the books and pictures that had been in the bookcase that was now ensconced in the dining room.

I moved the green ladder-like shelf from the corner of the bedroom where it had been standing idle and useless into the bathroom to hold the towels.

Grandma's white enamelware canisters are randomly biding their time in the corner of the bedroom where the green ladder-like shelf used to stand.

Got it?


Karianne from Thistlewood Farms shared 50 Simple 20 Minute Decorating Ideas on her blog today.  I can't think of a more profitable way to while away a damp, gray afternoon than re-appreciating the stuff you already own.

I polished off #1, #2, #4, #9, #19, #23, #26, #36, #46, and #50 this week before I even set eyes on her post.

I do love springtime.

Let's talk about your house, your garden, your spring decorating whimsies ... 

I'll see you on Sunday evening for Session #2 of our Book Club!  All the details are right here.


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