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Hello, my friends!

I always know it's time to connect again when I find myself crafting entire blog posts in my head as I drift off to sleep deep in the night.  And as we're just about hitting the end of April, that means it's time for Loose Ends.

At the end of most months, I happily pull together life's most recent personal bits and pieces, the snapshots, the links, the discoveries, the resources, all the stuff I'd want to yak about if we could put our feet up and linger together over a cup of coffee ... and maybe a donut or two.

Just for fun, I'm sneaking in a subtle change this month, retitling this newsletter as an e-zine {short for electronic magazine}.  Back in the early 2000's, I wrote a monthly e-zine called THE CROSSROADS JOURNAL on my big ol' clunky desktop computer and emailed it out, 50 subscribers at a time.  It was the precursor to my own blogging experience, and as I sifted through a very worn manila folder jammed full with dusty print-outs this morning, I'm struck yet again by the truth that everything old is new again.

Let's go.

We've brought home the daffodils donated to the church in memory of someone dear.  Most of the good candy has been polished off and the ham bone has been reborn into a hearty soup.

Yet, as Ruth Haley Barton says in her most recent podcast, 'one day is not enough to celebrate!'  In her most recent podcast, she talks about how after His miraculous resurrection, Jesus sought out and visited with those who were traumatized by His crucifixion.  She explores how He tenderly interacted with those He loved, creating conversations to help His individual followers make sense out of what they had witnessed.

Listen in right here.  So superb.

Thanks to all of you who weighed in on the website header.  You're a creative bunch with a keen eye, and your insights will be super helpful when I get around to tweaking that needed facelift.  I love that you've partnered with me as I continue to create a warm, safe place for counseling clients and blog readers to land.

Are you ready to roll?

Our Book Club begins this Sunday evening, April 28th!  I've combed through Emily Freeman's book this past week and have chosen 8 chapters for us to consider as we meet together for four weeks.  These are the podcast episodes that I remember most vividly, the conversations that touched me someplace deep, that continue to hit home many months later.

I actually hear Emily's voice as I read her words.

It's not too late to grab your Kindle edition for $9.99 or your hardcover copy for $11.39.  Your library system might have a copy at one of their locations.

Or you can hear the original podcasts and read the transcripts from which the book was born.

This week, we'll be focusing on:
Chapter 7 - Ask This Question Before Every Hard Decision
{the original podcast and transcript is here}


Chapter 9 - Make the Most Important List
{the original podcast and transcript is here}

I know no better way to wrap up a quiet Sabbath, regroup from a chaotic weekend, or ease into a brand new week than to gather in the company of like-minded souls, book and keyboard in hand, feet up and resting, a mug of your favorite beverage close by.

And no, you don't have to show up on Sunday evening ... any time is the right time.  That's how we roll around here.

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