The Simple Gift of Rainy Days

There's something restful, calming, almost magical when it comes to rainy days ... the ones where you get to stay home.  You don't have to run errands or head off to work.  You get to stay put.

This is the introvert's dream come true.

You're alone, but not lonely.

And your soul gets replenished by leaps and bounds.

These are the days when you rise slow, when you putter with plants and laundry and bed-making.  You sit quietly with God, you journal your prayers, you meditate on His Word.

You might make biscuits or write notes or pay bills or get a bit creative.

You read.  For sure.

And take a nap.  Or two.

These days work best when done in silence.

Yet, for some reason you can't quite figure out, you feel strangely compelled to reach out and share where you are with those in your world.

All is well.

These are the good old days.


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