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The discussions, the insights, the exposure to ideas we might never have come across otherwise have become both a challenge and a delight.  The sharing of what excites or troubles each of us in our reading has doubled the impact of the chosen words as we see them through the eyes of our friends, through the lenses of different histories and backgrounds.  To read in company has broadended us as individuals and bound us together in friendship.

Ah ... so many books to page through and links to pursue!  Grab a cup of something warm and settle in with me to explore a selection of winsome mid-winter treats.



Brene Brown
You might have shied away from Brene's latest because you don't consider yourself a leader.  But you are!  A leader is an influencer, a guide, a mentor, a door opener ... and each one of us serves in that role in some area of life ... home, church, relationships, community.  The chapters on living with empathy and leading from our values are simply exceptional.

A whole selection of Dare to Lead workbooks, inventories, checklists are right here.

Michelle Obama
It might seem a tad early to guess that this might end up being one of my top picks for 2019.  But Mrs. Obama's biography is that powerful.  Exquisitely written, I burned the midnight oil savoring her eloquent writing, her perseverance in her emerging years as she conquered the odds along the way, the weaving of her compelling life story.

And while politics is discussed here and there, this is not a political diatribe.   A superb pick for substantial book club conversation.

Sarah Clarkson
If you're a what-to-read-list fan, this one's for you!  A true book lover's guide, Sarah writes from a biblical, Oxford educated world view ... intelligent, beautifully spoken, and exceptionally well read.  I particularly enjoyed the first three chapters as she wrote deeply of the crafting of to-read lists and creating habits, rhythms, and space for your own bookish life to flourish.  

I skimmed the rest of the book, the lists of friends' picks, the classics, children's reads, spiritual guides, novels, poetry, books on the arts, biographies, read-alouds, books about books, etc.  Comprehensive, for sure!


This post kinda got lost in the end of the year shuffle ... but I think it's worth a re-share in case you missed it.  Click here and scroll down.

Susan Orlean

Joshua Becker

Margaret Feinberg

Susan Meissner

Alia Joy

Emily Freeman

Ed Cyzewski

Emily Temple

Joshua Becker


Modern Mrs. Darcy


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