Friday, September 7, 2018

On Resilience . 01

Resilient people are committed to finishing strong.

They believe that quitting is not an option.

They know that 'walking' is unthinkable.

They are convinced that building resilience is a daily pursuit.

They despise aimlessness.

They have the faces of champions.

- Gordon MacDonald - 




  1. Good stuff, but I do have a couple of caveats, that sometimes walking, or crawling, or just staying put is the only thing you can do, and aimlessness may be a necessary step in defining what one's aims really are.

    Oddly enough, my own current post looks at this from another angle, that it's not a matter of finishing strong or of finishing at all; the defining moment is now.

    1. When I re-read this post and insert your name in there, Andrew ... well, what can I say?

      You certainly show us what resilience looks like. Absolutely.

      And I thank you.

  2. Amen, Linda, amen! And I can only be resilient when I lean upon the Lord.

    1. Amen, Martha. I can only do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

      Philippians 4:13.

      Each and every day.

  3. Compelling thoughts. And it spurs me to think of what undergirds all of those: knowing God has purpose for my life and endeavors and will guide and strengthen me for all He wants me to do. Without that basis, I don't think my resilience would hold up for very long.

    1. 'God has purpose for my life.' Barbara, this we needed to be reminded of often. Especially when resilience seems to be an impossibility.

      And you're so right, without that purpose our resilience won't go the long haul.

  4. I'm learning to allow myself to "walk" some days. It's the antidote to self-imposed pressures. But yes, these words and the spirit of them are well needed and well received. Thank you!

    1. Debby - I've learned that those self-imposed pressures do nothing but give me angst or resentment.


      But God inspired invitations are another story, aren't they ...

    2. My dear Nancy, you're in very good company around here!

      Journeying together ...

  5. Aimlessness. That's the word that can steal, kill, and destroy energy too, I have experienced. The work of an enemy for sure. I'm adding Gordon's book to my ASAP TBR list. A very timely read for me!

    1. An ASAP TBR list.

      I like that, Lynn!

      This book is a classic, a must-read. Yes.

      I'd love to hear your review when you're done ...

  6. This is a great quote! That commitment to finishing strong and keeping our goal in mind can definitely keep us moving forwards even when it's tough!

    1. Yes, yes! Sometimes just a few words, especially of Scripture, can keep us focused and fill the empty void that seems to creep in with regularity ...

  7. Aimlessness is not an option. Building resilience is a daily pursuit. Wow! Convicting and powerful.

    I appreciate these words today.


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