Saturday, December 23, 2017

Wonder * Advent Whispers


Show the wonder of Your great love,
You who save by Your right hand
those who take refuge in You from their foes.

Keep me as the apple Your eye;
hide me in the shadow of Your wings ...
~  Psalm 17:7 - 8  ~





The 2 year old's big blue eyes 
shine with wonder as her
little fingers gently caress the twinkling lights 
on the decorated Christmas tree.

'Yes, they do look like candles,' 
her mama softly replies.

With simple delight, the little one observes,
'For Jesus' birthday!'


  1. As you can probably guess, I LOVE this photo, Linda. It certainly displays the wonder of God's great love towards us! Birds, to me, are signs and seals of God's faithful love and caring. I love also the wonder in the little child's eyes. Thank you for refreshing my spirit! May the wonder of God's love fill our hearts always! Hugs!

    1. I love this little guy with the feathers, too! And that little child is now 8 years old ... and still as perceptive as they come.

      Happy, happy Christmas Eve to you, Trudy!

  2. The wonder of God's creation and the wonder in the eyes of a child. Perfect, Linda!

    1. Ah, wonder-ful, yes?

      Happy Advent Sabbath, Martha ...

  3. Oh the wonder of love and beauty. The photo is hauntingly beautiful and depicts 5he wonder of God’s great love so perfectly.

    I want to wish you all the hope and wonder of Christmas to you and yours. Love and hugs, friend!

    1. Enjoy your family, your friends, God's blessings as you celebrate, Mary ...