Bouquet * The Vacation Edition {updated}

The family is about to descend for what looks to be an annual gathering here in our little house tucked between the ever changing bay and the ocean blue.  In honor of their energetic presence {and the activity level and accompanying commotion}, my online footprint's going to be random and light in the days ahead.

So I've gathered up a pile of goodies for you to sit with while I'm off corralling the troops.  Here's 'a lid for every pot,' as my Southern friend Nancy always said.

I'll be updating this page with additional gems while I'm kinda MIA.  Keep an eye out for the little * * *  that will tell you that the links that follow are later additions.

And if you didn't participate in our conversation about being the boss of your own blog, it's not too late to join the party.  Click here, scroll down to the comment section, and jump on in.  A whole passel of insightful writers has made it a truly enlightening exchange.  I'm guessing you just might have some additional wisdom to share.

Love you guys!

Jeff Goins

Alexis James Waggoner