On Dormant Ground

There are weeks when urgent writings spring forth from a heart crammed with good things that simply must be shared.  You awake early and hit the ground running because a persistent thread has woven itself into something warmly substantial through the darkest hours and just begs to be offered when light dawns. 

Or a song, a word, an observation plays a winsome tune over and over and invites itself to be penned.  A flash of insight comes out of left field and you just can't wait to put fingers to keyboard.  Or perhaps God repeatedly whispers a persistent message and it calls to be placed on the table with awe and reverence.

Posts stack up in the queue, ripe for publishing.

And then there are other weeks when silence descends and there is nothing of significant value to place in the hands of others.  Fingers are still, minds and hearts rest gently idle.  There are no productive musings coming to call, no wisps of brilliance that await, nor any profound words of wisdom that are worth sharing.

And that, my friends, is as it should be.

A needed lesson pushes its way to the forefront, patiently waiting to be heeded.  And once again we are reminded that we are not defined by our productivity, our creativity, or our accomplishments.  We are defined by our Savior.

And He whispers, 'peace, be still.'


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