The Keen Satisfaction of Keeping a Reading Journal + 3 Book Recommendations

A little blue and red striped reading journal has been my steady companion since 1992, holding court on the top left hand corner of the oak bookcase.  The worn cover features a little teddy holding a red balloon in his right paw, from back in the day when cute-sie bears {or geese} adorned anything and everything.

Remember when?

Anyway, the title, author, and completion date of every book I've read during the past 24 years is scrawled in pen on its lined pages.  Flipping through the pages is like a nostalgic jaunt down memory lane.  The most bountiful years yielded 43 entrees ... in 2011 and again in 2014.  The leanest season was 1995 with a measly total of 11 books.

That was the year the 40 year old mom of 2 teenagers grabbed her brand new bookbag and headed off to school again.

For the record, a quick count yields exactly 660 entrees spanning a wide variety of genres.  {Gee, that sounds so fancy, doesn't it?}

A glance at the 2016 page informs me that I've read a grand total of 14 books so far this year.  Scanning the list reminds me that I've been fortunate enough to have had some fine companions through the endless gray mistiness of icy winter days and rainy spring thaws.

Since January's 4 Most Meaningful Mid-Winter Memoirs post {say that fast 3 times!}, here's the volumes I'm most eager to recommend to you.

As always, be sure to bring your personal faith in Christ to the books you page through ...


A rarity ... a grief storybook for all ages that is calming yet impactful, simple yet profound.  You can cuddle up and read this to your grandkids {I have}.  Give to your mother and your daughter {I did}.  Recommend to your friends and clients {I am}.

Soothing in its affirmation of grief's roller coaster of emotions, this little story book is subtly educational.  The most gorgeous illustrations are intricately delightful.  And, thank heavens, no pat answers or easy 1-2-3's line its pages.  Absolutely must reading for anyone who's traveling the pathway of grief ... or walks alongside someone who is.

If you read Marie's first book, this is even better!  Filled with little pen and ink illustrations, lots of organizing step-by-step tips, and personal stories, this easy reader can jumpstart you into a life changing evaluation of what you own and why.

And this little seminar-in-a-book gives a needed nudge to tend to your valued possessions with renewed appreciation.
This Episcopal priest / professor is known for her beautiful word weavings as she finds the presence of God in all of life's offerings - our pain, the sabbath, nature's bounty, community, vocation, and the dailyness of our life's routine tasks.  

Barbara is gifted with keen insight and a profound pen ... you'll want to put this book down often and pause to consider the multitude of ways God displays His sacred presence in your life.  A truly thought-provoking, faith stirring reflection.

Do you keep track of your reading?

What books have kept you company in this morphing of the seasons?

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