April * The Fun Stuff!

I could play with this cool word-thingy over at wordificator.com all day!
{perhaps I need to get a life, huh?}
choose your shape, your words, your color
& it's FREE
thanks, Elizabeth!

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'own less, live more, and find space to live the life you want'

I've signed up for Josh Becker's FREE online course & you can, too

just buy a copy of his new book
  & register BY MAY 2

don't miss this $89 course for the cost of the book!
  videos, interviews, live webinars, weekly challenges, accountability,
 a Facebook community, Q & A sessions

you just KNOW it's time to take this step

I'll see you there!

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I'm FINALLY over at LinkedIn

would you like to come visit

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are you ready to see our new fixer-upper?

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I know a bunch of princesses who'd simply LOVE
  having their dads or {grandpa!} play Fairy Dadmother

super commercial

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& I'm crazy over this 7 year old
 zany, creative, energetic sweetheart in action

What's fun in your life these days?

sharing April with Emily  &  Leigh
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