Resuscitating February

If there's one month of the year that really drains us dry, that leaves us feeling kind of gray or strangely weary or longing for the next season's arrival, February would be it.  

In this shortest of the twelve months, it's easy for us to become homebound, hermit-like, gradually turning inward and more self-absorbed ... and not in a good way.  Too much alone time, too much introspection easily leaves us experiencing a yawning emptiness tinged with wisps of hopelessness. 


Will winter ever say good-bye?

I love when God steps in to redeem a season that others would be quick to write off, don't you?  As we begin to honestly chat with Him about where we're at, He is more than pleased to redeem our downtime, to breath fresh breath into body and soul, giving us a clearer vision of Himself and a sparkling appreciation of all the blessings He's poured into our lives.  

He gently peels away the layers of gloom and steadily prompts us to grab hold of a renewed vision of His faithfulness.  We crawl out of our endless self-absorption and begin to glimpse new rays of hope, sweet whispers of life, opportunities to reach out, and answered prayers that await our grateful attention.

Around this neck of the woods, by His grace, February's been repeatedly resuscitated ... Chris Tomlin takes us there below.



the boots . . .

I've never experienced -44 degrees with the wind chill factor until recently spending a few days in the Adirondacks.  Brrrr!  Frigid would be an understatement!  Thank heavens for my constant winter companions, these clunky $14.99 fleece-lined gray suede boots.

the phone . . .

We've become absolutely obsessed with our smartphones ... Americans are collectively using them upwards of 8 billion times a day.  Individually?  We're checking in an average of 46 times a day.  Most of us grab ours within 5 minutes of waking up, most often to text.  And 81% of us use our phones while dining out at restaurants, sending a subtly unpleasant message to our dining companions. {source}.  

My dependence on my phone has become a bit unnerving, so I'm trying to purposefully power off more often.  The key word for me?  Purposefully.

the finale . . .
SPOILER ALERT!  I already watched Downton Abbey's fabulous grand finale episode on DVD.  Bring your hankies.  Even Mr. was getting a bit teary-eyed.  Yes, he finally caved and started watching this season!  Sunday nights are gonna be awful quiet around here after March 6th ...

the writer . . .

If you wrestle with challenges in your body, mind, or spirit {or love someone who does}, you are not alone.  Alia Joy's your woman.  She's there too, and she writes with an authentically raw and tender expression that few have mastered.  There's never a pat answer, no 1-2-3 happy-ever-afters from her pen.  Her most recent post is Dead to Center: Living with Bipolar.  

What can I say.  When I see she's offered us yet another heartfelt outpouring, I'm there ASAP.  For this is one very special lady.

the news . . .

If you're as horrified with the news as I seem prone to be these days ... if you feel like you're watching a train wreck in grizzly slow motion yet can't turn your eyes away, then you must head on over to Kristi Atkinson's Five Prompts for Praying the News.  

Instead of wringing our hands, pontificating endlessly, or fearing the end of the world, let's DO something sacred and powerful with the political mess we find ourselves in.

the house . . .

After living here for 7 months, we're ready to roll into sprucing up our 30 year old abode.  After looking at the estimates, we bade a fond farewell to any kind of great big over-the-top renovations.  Meanwhile, we're finalizing colors for shingles to re-side and re-roof.  We think we know what we're doing about countertops, and we're pretty sure about paint color.  Our to-do list is growing and my eyes are totally glazed over from scrolling through hundreds of lighting options over at Wayfair.    

We're getting energized as we finally start putting our own personal imprint on this house and making it our very own home sweet home.  And yes, I'll be sharing our re-do journey with you in the months ahead. 

the mini-series . . . 

I'm pulling together my Marriage Mini-Series, thanks to 40 years of marriage and thousands of hours talking with clients.  There'll be a few tender stories, a husband & wife conversation {fingers crossed, please!}, a bunch of pitfalls to avoid like the plague, scads of resources, and a giveaway you'll love.  I hope and pray that what's offered will encourage you in your own particular situation.  

the music . . .

So ... how has God redeemed your February?

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