September is the New January

It's oft' said that September is the new January.  

And ain't that the truth.

These first golden days of the 9th month, this little pocket of transition time tucked right between sultry summer days and autumn's gently falling leaves?  This is my yearly sweet spot, baby.  For these brief diminutive moments are a unique season of their very own.

Meanwhile, the mad rush starts off slowly, oh so slowly, doesn't it.  The back-to-school hustle builds momentum with each passing day.  Freshly sharpened pencils and notebooks uncreased and brand new sneakers.  Kiddos so proud and eager as they head off to school after navigating the endless checkout lines with already weary parents, shopping baskets filled to overflowing with must-have back-to-school gear.  

Truth be told, ol' mom {and dad} are heaving great sighs of relief as they wave good-bye to their students of all ages, even while wondering and worrying just a bit.  For the nest is always in process of emptying, of releasing, of letting go.  And mixed emotions are the order of the day.

But we're on a roll.

The calendars' little square spaces begin to rapidly fill with great big kick-off events.  Appointments and meetings and games collide with book clubs and church gatherings and all manner of outdoor activities.  Committees and boards and classes spring back to life, full force, carefully crafted to woo you to sign on, join up, jump in.

And if you're an avid blogger, the 31 Days party is not too far 'round the corner and you're not quite sure if you're ready, willing, and able to write with such ongoing intensity for that length of time.

Yet, in the rush and bustle of it all, there is a quietly persistent invitation that gently calls our names.

The Spirit whispers, 'Be still and know that I am God.'   

And amazing grace, that unmerited favor, enables us to choose to venture closer than ever to Christ, settling in to be cradled in those sacred everlasting arms.  Yes, even during the encroaching craziness of the new schedules and obligations ... with the holiday bustle just readying itself just over the horizon.

If our souls ever needed to linger quietly, to be still, to be refilled by the Holy One who designed each season ... it would be right about now.

'The moon marks off the season,
and the sun knows when to go down'
Psalm 104:19.


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