Porch #114 * Cyclops, Empty Squares, and Russian Sage

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Sweet weekend, hello!

It's o'dark thirty as I tap a few words to you, friends.  The sun hasn't risen yet and maybe she won't today.  But I'm so very happy you're here.  The past few weeks kept me swept up in a whirlwind, incredibly packed and lifegiving, intense and miraculous and long.  I'm beginning to feel like I can breathe deeply again (literally, after a nasty autumn cold which created a swollen eyelid that left me looking like a cyclops, a rather scary sight for those I met on Zoom.  Sorry.)  

Anyway ... a rare event has opened up as I look to the days ahead.

I looked at my calendar yesterday and there's absolutely nothing to be seen for the week ahead.  Nada.  Those little boxes are completely gorgeously free and empty.  No appointments, no meetings, no must-dos, not a single thing.  You know how much I gravitate toward wide open white space.  

It'll be fun to see what opens up.  I have a few ideas and some hopeful hopes.


A special welcome to you brand new subscribers this month.  I've been blessed in connecting with all kinds of fascinating folks via Camp and Anne's Quick Lit and Mental/Emotional Health Awareness Sunday and Thrive in South Africa.  I feel rich and excited that you're joining us here.

You never quite know what you'll find when you open this weekly newsletter but I like it that way and hope that you will, too.  

This week's essay kind of flew under the radar and honestly, it wiped me out writing it.  When you read Grief Notes, I think you'll understand why.


Gathered Reads:

Being There
David French


japanese oranges  .  a pale blue egg
a rosy hydrangia  .  a new basket

a hand-lettered sign

my fav brunch place's
 blackboard menu

the golden hour before a
mid-October sunset

russian sage  .  japanese oranges
three freshly fallen leaves


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