Porch #103 * Soul Tending

gentle conversation & calming snapshots
uplifting linkage & occasional surprises
for those who delight in doing life
in the company of kindred spirits

It's so good to visit with you again this weekend, friends.  I always love these minutes we have together.  

Cultivating our life with God is the most needful, urgent investment of our time, energy, and focus.  From it flows all that defines us and our ability to impact others.  I hope you'll find these 4 essays helpful in taking you there.

And the song is the icing on the cake.

Emily Freeman

Hannah Brencher

Ruth Haley Barton

May you approach this weekend with gentleness, curiosity, and grace.  May you find yourself leaning into wisdom, listening well to the lonely, and loving deeply from the heart.  And may you hear the Spirit whisper, 'this is the way, walk ye in it' (Isaiah 30:21).  

thank you!