Let's Read!

One of the best decisions I made in my reading life is to stop reading a book if I lose interest.  I used to finish any book that I started & I lost valuable reading time - now I have more time to read, & I read only books I admire.

Hey Friends!

It's time for the hammock, the beach chair, the picnic blanket.  Don't forget your sunscreen, favorite snacks, a jumbo-size peach iced tea, a big hat, the sunglasses. 

And a carefully chosen book or two.
Here's a couple of non-fiction titles and a little bouquet of bookish links.  And if you're looking to add complete sets of classic fiction to your personal library at giveaway prices, you'll be pleasantly surprised at what I've dug up for you.

Read on to explore!

Lauren Winner
'The child of a Reform Jewish father and a lapsed Southern Baptist mother, Lauren Winner eventually chose to become an Orthodox Jew—but then, as she faithfully observed the Sabbath rituals and studied Jewish laws, she found herself increasingly drawn to Christianity.' 

This is not your typical conversion story.  It's a stunning memoir, exquisitely written, mesmerizing.  Winner has a brilliant mind, a tender heart.  Definitely worth a read.  I'm ready to pick up another of her books at the library this week.
Kindle - $14.99

Dr. Henry Cloud
Worth the price alone is this leading Christian psychologist's discussion on the foolish and / or evil people we encounter and how to wisely respond to the challenges they constantly throw at us.  We're talking issues on trust.  Character.  Boundaries.  Emotional intelligence.  Aimed for professionals, but heavy on the relational issues we all face.

A insightful, readable jumpstart for those of us who long for change but aren't quite ready to do the careful pruning needed to move into the next season.
Kindle - $1.99 !!


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Little Women: Complete Series - 4 Novels in One Edition  
Louisa May Alcott

The Bronte Sisters: The Complete Novels
Anne Bronte, Charlotte Bronte, Emily Bronte

Agatha Christie: Premium Collection
Agatha Christie

Arthur Conan Doyle

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So ... what's the first book you're going to reach for this summer?