On the Porch * Early November Edition

It's the weekend again, cool and crisp.  We're on the porch, you and me and a couple hundred of our best friends.  There's no place else I'd rather be!

Grab a cup of coffee and settle into your favorite chair 'cause there's plenty of goodness to savor, talk over, and tuck away for later ...

🍒   my fun new cherry-full crocs

🔐   Sarah's 'Guard your gates'

📚   scooping up 3 copies for little ones

🎤   I climbed onto my political soapbox

🍴   a superb eating plan

💡   light this crackling vanilla candle 

💕   precious legacy leavers - Kristen & Rachel

🎶   a morning song 

👌   lavish gobble boards

🎨   her inspiring ode to November

Lime Tree Counseling

May your weekend be sheer delight ~

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