A Homespun Devotions Giveaway

What does it mean to do devotions?

A devotion is a quiet time 
that you spend praying, reading God's Word,
reflecting on your relationship with Him.
You might also choose to sing hymns, meditate,
or write in a journal during your devotion time. 
 - Google -

I'm forever changing up my quiet time with God.  Anything done by rote easily becomes too routine and ho-hum for my liking. 

He is worthy of so much more!  

Our anticipation, our focus, our joy, our worship, our creativity.  Hearts wide open to receive whatever He's inviting us to.  Like renewing our oft' weary souls.  Cultivating a deeper faith.  Receiving a sense of direction or an extra portion of comfort and peace.

You'll find me changing up location - sometimes propped up in bed leaning back on my big ol' 50 year old pillow {don't ask}. Curled up in the chair by the fire in the living room, or settled into the wicker sofa on the porch.

Maybe early morning ... or a few hours later.  Evening right before bed.

With a faded quilt or soft throw in hand.

I may read my Bible outloud.  Listen to a prayerful meditation on the Soulspace app ... or head to Let Go and Trust God if I'm feeling a bit anxious.  Sometimes a song weaves its way into my heart and I find it on YouTube.  I might grab a pen and unearth the dusty journal.  Or simply sit peacefully.  There's no set routine and I like it that way. 

And yes, very often a devotional book propels this sacred time.


Cheryl Smith has done what many of us bloggers dream of doing but never set out to accomplish.  She's complied her favorite writings into a wonderful quiet time companion, Homespun Devotions: Volume One.  This volume is filled with 50 short stories of God's loving impact on her family, home, workplace, decisions, sorrows, and joys.

My friend writes, 'Christian living is like a quilt - multi-colored scraps of wisdom gleaned and assembled one stitch at a time.  We learn as we go, as the common thread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is woven throughout the everyday moments, events, and situations we encounter.  Only He can tie the pieces together and create something of beauty that will serve to warm the hearts of others ...'

Cheryl's narratives are refreshing, personal, and yes, homespun.  I'm happy to highly recommend this devotional not only for your personal use but also to jump-start a family devotional time if that's something your gang is lacking or has given up on.

Cheryl is generously giving a paperback copy of Homespun Devotions to one reader!  Please leave a comment to enter the giveaway by this Friday, September 17th, at noon {eastern}, USA only.  And be sure to check back to see if you've been randomly chosen!

Sorry - I am not able to track the winner down or ask for your name and mailing address!  I must have your snail mail address within 48 hours or you will forfeit your book.
linda stoll @ juno . com

Let's talk about having devotions.  Is this spiritual practice new to you?  Or have your quiet times faded over time?  If you're a long time devotee, what works for you and what doesn't?  

Hint - it's time to start your Christmas shopping!
Kindle - $7.99
Paperback - $12.99
Congrats to the giveaway winner, 
Nancy Ruegg!


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