Biblical Minimalism: Following Jesus from a Life of Abundance to a More Abundant Life

Welcome back to The Bookbag, my dear reading buddies!

I hope your libraries are opening up and that you're beginning to work your way through the pile of reads that are now being offered to you.  I must admit that the first few books I had put on reserve months ago were a big let down, their covers closed for good within 50 pages.

One was darkly oppressive ... and who needs that right about now.  And the other was too cutesy, the dialogue too forced.  They went back to the library quickly.

Meanwhile, my friend Cheryl asked me to review her brand new book, Biblical Minimalism: Following Jesus from a Life of Abundance to a More Abundant Life.  I said 'yes, please!' for two reasons.  First, Cheryl is a sister blogger with a lovely heart of gold.  And second, I've been a big proponent of a more minimalistic lifestyle for about seven years ever since I started to clear out my endless collections of all things vintage.

Cheryl's book unfolds in a powerful, unexpected way.  Not only does she share her own life-altering downsizing story and talk about the practicalities and rewards of doing so, but she also expands on subjects near to my heart.

*  Like waiting room seasons where our temptation is to gaze backward instead of anticipating what God has for us around the bend.

*  And shaking off the dust when it comes to toxic relationships.

*  Ministry obligations that run amok and how to disengage while still honoring Christ.

*  Feeling stuck and unable to launch forward.

*  And 11 hugely helpful questions on figuring out what God might be calling you to do in this next season.

*  Plus a beautifully focused chapter on pursuing personal peace.

I loved this surprise emphasis on these personal challenges most of us will encounter head on sooner or later.

For the Christian, minimalism is far more than downsizing and superficial tossing of unneeded possessions.  It's about following God's leading to remove all that deters and distracts us from looking deep in our hearts and following God's direction into our future.

'Biblical minimalism is not just about letting go of our physical belongings.  It is all-encompassing to the point of stripping away every source of excess, entanglement, and what will hinder us in living the abundant life of freedom Jesus came to enable us to live.  It means getting down to the bare bones of trusting God to supply all our needs.  It means releasing anything in our lives that cause us to live under extreme stress ... It means paying off what we owe and eliminating tormenting bondage.  It means whittling away stumbling blocks in our lives, so we are free to fulfill the mission for which we were born and to reveal our true identity in Christ.'
- page 111 -

Biblical Minimalism is a helpful little traveling companion that is strongly grounded in Scripture.  It's Cheryl's story but it's so much more.  A guide to contentment, a calmer lifestyle, a peace-filled family life.  A super Bible Study for yourself, for your family, for your small group.

Be blessed ~

Cheryl Smith is the author of the book Biblical Minimalism, the story of her family's journey from a life of abundance to a more abundant life.  She is the author of the blogs Biblical Minimalism, where she writes about minimalism from a Biblical perspective, and Homespun Devotions, where she writes devotionals and conducts 'Inner Views.'  She loves to spend time with her husband and son in the mountains, sing and play Bluegrass music, and write.  To purchase the book, click HERE.