On Encountering So Much More Than Birdsong

I'm like a kid in a candy store this morning. 

I've been increasingly intrigued with the variety of bird calls and caws I unconsciously hear on any given day.  So I installed the Merlin Bird ID app and took it for a test run to see how many flying creatures I could discover by ear on my early morning walk.

I headed down the road and through woods' twisty path to the bike trail that borders the bayside's salty marshes.  

Other early morning afficienados probably glanced askance at this novice bird-listener, standing to the side of the trail with her phone up in the air and then bringing it back to eye level to eye the screen intently and then striding along only to stop abruptly once again.

Didn't matter to me.

I was in awe as I discovered some of the names of my oft' heard winged neighbors simply by the sound of their chirps and calls and squawks.

As I continued to still myself and listen intently, my mind went beyond the noisy American Crows that seemed determined to drown out their quieter aerial companions with non-stop obnoxious vocalizations.  

For yet again, the Holy Spirit began to gently whisper how alike my pursuit of birdsong was akin to the deeper spiritual life He longs for us to cultivate.  

🐦   Heading into the day with purpose, aiming to experience the presence of God.  

🐦   Listening past extraneous noise and annoying distractions to discern the Spirit's whispers.  

🐦   Paying attention to even the softest sounds and the invitations, comfort, reminders, or corrections therein.  

🐦   Responding with gratitude, joy, and obedience.

Yep, I got to meet 19 new neighbors this morning.  But I headed home with far more than birdsong in my heart.

Speak Lord, 
for Thy servant is listening.
- 1 Samuel 3:10 -

Aiming to pay attention ~


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