A Springtime Bookbag

 'With a few flowers in my garden,
half a dozen pictures,
and some books,
I live without envy.'
- Lope DeVega -
1562 - 1635

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If we're half way through the month, it's time for THE BOOKBAG!  As always, it's a joy hanging out with you and chatting about all the good stuff going on in our reading and writing lives.  Here's a glimpse of what I'm paging through, the link list many of you tell me you look forward to, a recent life-enhancing invitation that's shaken up my devotional life, your favorite post in recent weeks, and a verse that never leaves my mind and heart.

Please do share your favorite reads, writing projects, and links in the comment section.  After all, I get my best recommendations from YOU!


Les Carter, Ph.D. & Frank Minirth, M.D.
conversational  .  interactive  .  beneficial
I'm about to begin using this workbook with a group of women making their way through the effects of the pandemic.  I can't wait for the discussions we'll be having and seeing what the Lord will do in this season that's produced so much worry, fear, and anxiety.  I wish I had gotten my hands on this superb resource, for lots of reasons, a long time ago.  

Are you interested in going through this workbook as our next Book Club selection?  Just let me know in the comments.

Liz Marie Galvin
gorgeous  .  comforting  .  inviting
I'm a huge fan of a cozy home with lots of white space, vintage furniture, and meaningful collectibles.  This volume, filled with stunning photos and unique decorating ideas made me smile at every turn of the page.  You'll find yourself relaxing and inspired as you make your way through this beautiful volume ... again and again.

Catherine Marshall
classic  .  faith-stretching  .  reflective
'Lord, I see now what You mean that everything that happens being part of the lesson material in Your schoolroom.  I really can praise You that You refuse to let us stay children, that You keep insisting on our growing up.  Thank You for caring that much about us ...

The matter of praise is obviously still one of my growing edges.  I am convinced that living at the point of praise and seeking it will lead us to the richest discoveries we have ever made' {pg. 43}.

Emily P. Freeman
innovative  .  soul-searching  .  transformative 
I stopped journaling about 14 months ago.  I got tired of hearing myself go on and on, my endless, pain-filled words stalling me out instead of propelling me forward.

Emily's new little companion is unique, filled with searching questions, handy lists, and all kinds of opportunities to reflect.  This is not your typical lined journal.  Be prepared to be nudged forward, with purpose, in the most thought-provoking ways.  You can start it any season of the year.  I highly recommend.  {ChristianBook.com may have a lower price.}

Aundi Kolber, MA, LPC
hopeful  .  gentle  .  life-altering
 'One of the best parts of learning to open myself up to God and allowing him to sit with me in my joy and grief is this: I have learned to see myself as He sees me ...

During our hardest, scariest times - whether our bodies feel stressed and jumpy or sluggish and slow - God is there to reassure us that we are no defined by our best days or our worst days.  We are His beloved' {pgs. 86-87}.


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Anne Bogel

Frank Viola

Jean Wise

Christianity Today

Lois Flowers

William Grimes

Sarah Geringer

Ben Hooper

Cindy Bunch



We've all spent hundreds of hours reading to our little ones.  So when I found my devotional life in need of a bit of a jolt, I started reading through the Psalms ... out loud.  I can't begin to tell you how much this is impacting my soul as eyes and voice join forces to impact the deepest part of who I am.  

I'm planning to continue reading through God's Word loud and clear.  It's keeping me focused on what's right in front of me, helping me to glean fresh perspective, and be fully present to what the Spirit is whispering and teaching.

If your find yourself distracted or your brain wandering in your quiet times, this just might be your key to renewed impact.





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