Saturday, December 8, 2018

Chew * Advent Open House


Well here we are, 7 days into our Advent Open House ... I hope you're finding some thoughtful morsels to chew on, some encouraging words to savor in this season of sacred waiting and yearning.

To ponder ...

-  How have you been responding to what Ruth Haley Barton calls the 'oughts and shoulds' that seem especially relentless this month?

-  Do you find yourself 'performing on some level' rather than leaning into who you truly long to be?

-  How are you doing with saying 'yes' without reluctance or compulsion to the requests that come your way {2 Corinthians 9:7}?

-  Are you giving yourself permission to say a gracious 'no, thank you' to expectations or invitations that might not be the best use of your limited time and precious energy?



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  1. Yes, Linda, I have found many morsels of truth and encouraging words to chew on in this Advent Open House. :) Thank you! Love and hugs to you!

    1. You're always so encouraging, Trudy ...

      I hope this weekend is giving you joy!

  2. Linda, though I didn't leave any comments here while on vacation, I was nourished by your daily word for Advent shared here. As Trudy pointed out, you've given us much to chew on this season. Thank you!

    1. Welcome back, Martha! I hope your time in the mountains was more than you asked or imagined!

  3. Such a wise word here! Yes, our time is precious, especially this month for me since my kids are back from college.

    1. Relish and rejoice in every second you have together, Betsy.

      These are the good ol' days ...