Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process
 that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

What's life coaching?
Coaching is designed for people who are ready, willing, and able to pro-actively look to their future.  In the coaching relationship, I work with clients to develop a collaborative partnership that invites evaluation, brainstorming, goal setting, and spiritual growth to be key components of our phone calls and touch-base emails.

I provide you with ongoing professional perspective, affirmative support, and practical resources as you design and fine tune your action plan and move ahead to put wings to your written goals.  You'll find our conversations to be energetic, enjoyable, and forward leaning, offering you clarity, accountability, and companionship as you forge ahead.

And together, we listen for God's invitations in the midst of your journey toward new horizons.

How does coaching differ from counseling?
Counseling is a reflective process.  It focuses on sorting through the past and its impact on the client's current situation.  It's an important life saver for those who struggle with anxiety or depression and for those who need freedom from past pain, fear, and crisis.  It's the venue for those who need to recover from trauma, abuse, grief ... or for those who need to do some serious forgiveness work.

Can I do coaching and counseling at the same time?
It's best for clients to devote themselves to healing from past emotional pain through counseling before coming to coaching.  You can find a counselor by going to the American Association of Christian Counselors Christian Care Network.

Why would I choose you to be my coach?
I have been a Certified Life Coach for 14 years and am a lifetime member of Christian Coaches Network International.  I offer life coaching for transitions, decision making, job situations, wellness choices, relationship issues and other non-crisis challenges that are just begging for action.

And I love coaching bloggers.  Read Are You Ready to Take Your Blog to the Next Level?

What do clients say?
'Talking with you helped me clarify some things that I know I need to do going forward and I think, too, it will help me be accountable to actually implementing changes instead of just thinking about the need to change.'


'I loved our session.  I put down the phone feeling so much stronger and focused.  What a gift you have to bring out clarity.  Yay!  I'm going to spend some time thinking about all the wonderful things we talked about ... God bless you!'


'Thank you, Linda, so much for your help and encouragement.  I am excited to implement those changes ... I really needed our conversation today.  God bless!'


'You've given me a lot to work with, and I truly appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts, wisdom, and experience.  Truly, one sees further from the shoulders of a giant.'


'Thanks Linda.  This call wasn't the easiest thing I've done, but necessary, timely and beneficial.'

Choose one personalized coaching package:


*   Three 30 minute phone sessions {kicked off by a free 15 minute get-to-know-you call if we've never chatted before}.

*   A written follow-up overview of each session that summarizes your challenges, our brainstorming conversation, and your action plan.

*   30 days of touch-base email coaching {weekdays, 9 am - 5 pm eastern}.

Your investment?  $199 / month {plus any phone charges that may apply}.



*   One 30 minute phone session.

*  A written follow-up overview of the session that summarizes your challenges, our brainstorming conversation, and your action plan.

Your investment?  $49 / 1 session {plus any phone charges that may apply}.

I'm ready to chat at  Now's the time.  This is the place.