my story

Linda lives with her husband of 47 years, Tim, in a little town tucked between the everchanging bay and the deep blue sea in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Retired from private counseling practice, she now pens the PORCH weekend newsletter + occasional essays + the monthly BOOKBAG.   A passionate blogging aficionado since 2008, she is devoted to nurturing her lively online community at

Linda currently co-leads a Stephen Ministry in her church.  You might also find her jumping into a bit of off-the-cuff ministry coaching, dreaming up an innovative small group series, or counseling women in international ministry.  She specializes in asking the hard questions with compassion, a whole lot of grace, and a smile.

Her ultimate focus in this season is family, especially her six teenage grandchildren, ages 13-19, who are the joy of her life.  (
After Jesus, of course.)  Her littlest grandchild lives in Heaven with Him.

Linda holds an M.S. in Christian Counseling from Cairn University and a B.S. in Organizational Management from Alliance University.  She maintains board certifications in pastoral counseling and mental health coaching.

These days you'll find her curating her very own Little Log Cabin Road Library.  Nestled on the porch, recovering from digging in the garden.  Wielding her phone to identify birdsong or capturing life through simple snapshots.  Beachcombing no matter what the temps.  And posting daily Scripture verses to a wonderfully diverse community on LinkedIn.