Let's Come Alongside Brent & Bonnie

My Dear Community ~

One of the most meaningful acts of service we offer is when we come alongside brothers and sisters we don't even know out of sincere love for the Lord and a deep empathy and generous compassion that comes from the depths of our faith in Him.

I am writing with a heavy heart to ask you to join me in helping our friends Brent and Bonnie Carl.  Brent has served faithfully over the years in churches, Samaritan's Purse, counseling, and creative ministry venues in NY and New England.  He's known for his gentle pastor's heart, incredible ability to relate to people of all ages, and unique giftedness in teaching the Word of God.   

I was privileged to partner with him in ministry for many years at both Fishkill Baptist Church and Creekside Ministries in NY.
Brent is now very ill with a rare stage 4 cancer and the family is in great need of urgent prayer and financial blessings.  A family friend has set up a Go Fund Me page ... his story is there.
I am trusting that our little online community can generously bless this godly man and his beautiful family with prayer and financial support as they walk through this valley.

Thank you in advance for whatever help you are able to offer.  And if you could spread the word through your social media, church, and ministry contacts, I would be so grateful.  Thanks for partnering with me.  You'd just love them if you knew them.

Bless you ~