The Listening Life * Grand Finale

Hey, All You Listening Fans ~

It's with a bit of reluctance that we wrap up our final The Listening Life book club / open house.  Adam's powerful, practical insights and the engaging conversations that springboarded off his pages have been so stirring that I kind of hate to say good-bye to this series.

I'm fairly confident that there are more than a few readers who are feeling like you've fallen a bit behind in keeping up with our fast paced posts.  Or maybe haven't even started the book you were longing to curl up in a quiet corner with.

No worries.  I'm not going anywhere and look forward to continuing to connect with you as you read on.   If you want to chat about your discoveries, I'm your woman.

Chapter 8 - Listening to Your Life
'But isn't listening to yourself, so the objection might go, an exercise in self-absorption, an excuse for narcissistic navel gazing?  Isn't focusing on myself the very definition of pride?  Aren't we supposed to be people of love who lose ourselves in the service of others?  I believe that good listening starts at home.  How you listen to yourself will determine how you listen to others.  Do you dismiss your own emotions?  Then there is a good chance you will make a regular habit of dismissing the emotions of others.  Those who are able to discern their own emotions will be most responsive to the emotions of others.  If you are not able to sit with your own painful emotions, you will likely dispense dismissive advice and religious cliches to others when they are in pain.  Do you quickly judge and condemn the thoughts and stirrings of your inner world?  Then you will be unable to show compassion to others when they risk sharing with you.  The harsher your own internal voices, the harsher will be your responses to the mistakes and shortcomings of others.  You will be likely to project your own insecurities and anxieties onto others.'

Chapter 9 - The Society of Reverse Listening
'What if, instead of coming to church to be preached to, people came to church to be heard?  What if the body of believers was known less as a preaching community and more as a listening community? What if the church was a group of people where the power dynamics of speaking and listening were inverted?  Imagine a society of reverse listening, where those who would normally expert to be heard, listen, and those who would normally expect to listen, are heard. I dream of a place where leaders listen to followers, adults listen to children, men listen to women, the majority listens to the minority, the rich listen to the poor, and insiders listen to outsiders.'

'Listening goes last.  When I worked in hospice, I always told families to keep talking to patients, because no matter how unresponsive they seemed, they could still hear.  On a deep level, as deep as the soul, people in the brink of eternity could hear the whispers and songs of love their families offered them as parting gifts.'

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