The Listening Life * Book Open House #3

Dear Partners in Learning-to-Listen ~

Your observations are keen, your wisdom is distinct.  Some of your comments have hit me right on the side of the head, others have lodged somewhere in my heart ... or left me smiling out loud.  I'm honored to share this discussion on Adam McHugh's The Listening Life with you.

Your willingness to share some of what you're gleaning makes this Book Open House shine.  I love doing community with you.

Adam muses ...

Chapter 2 - The King Who Listens
'Although we are tempted in times of agonizing silence to think of God with an icy stare on his face, refusing to make eye contact, I have found it comforting to think of God simply sitting with us in our pain, quietly listening.  Maybe what feels like awkward and anxious silences to us are actually full and gentle silences.  We are reminded that listening is not inaction.  When God is listening to us, even if we do not experience the results we hope for, he is actively disposed toward us.  We must also remember that the fact that God hears prayers does not make him servile to our demands.  Prayer words are not incantations with innate power to change divine weather patterns.  When God doesn't give us our specific prayer requests, it may be an indication that he is working different things into us: things like trust, dependence, humility, patience, wisdom, even intimacy with him.'

Chapter 3 - Listening to God
'Throughout the Old and New Testaments God employs an impressive arsenal of communication tools: words spoken from heaven, words written on tablets, preaching and prophetic words, answered prayer, visual demonstrations, counsels and consensus, thoughts, dream, visions, symbols, words from others, signs in creation, angels, music and song, spiritual gifts, the breaking of bread and immersion in river water, common sense, conviction of sin, impressions on the conscience, and of course, a chatty donkey.  The Bible does not offer a systematic treatment for how God speaks and how to recognize his voice.  It assumes that God speaks in manifold and mysterious and unexpected ways.  God speaks from outside and God speaks from within, God asks questions and gives answers, God speaks in noise and in silence.  The universe crackles with the sound of God's voice.'


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